Hiring a professional dog walker

June 10, 2021

Hiring a professional dog walker

Your dog is a member of the family, and it's important to make sure they are taken care of throughout their daily life. With busy schedules and other responsibilities piling up on our plates, caring for your pet can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily we have professional dog walkers who will come in and do all the dirty work for you! They provide years of experience with pets as well as knowledge about how dogs behave when out walking, which means that any situation that arises during walks will be handled by them without hassle or fear.

Hiring a dog walker can be daunting for many owners, but it is certainly worth the peace of mind. When choosing one make sure to go with an established and highly recommended company that you feel comfortable entrusting your beloved fur baby too. Listen to what your gut tells you about any potential business or person - if something doesn't seem right don't do anything until speaking face-to-face with them. Make sure they have all the correct insurances in the event that something happens you want peace of mind that your dog is taken care of. 

Dog walkers can become great friends to both you and your dog. You should meet them before any walks, but also most reputable ones will allow you to accompany them on a walk so have a chance to see what they get up to with your fur baby. In unexpected situations, it is always nice knowing there's someone there to help out when needed. 

Hiring a professional dog walker will ensure your fur baby is in good health and thriving. These professionals have the time to take them on long, interesting walks filled with plenty of enrichment opportunities that you're unable to provide for them at home all day every single day. With permission from their owners, most pet care specialists allow dogs to go on group outings where they can run off lead and play with others just like nature intended. It's not just about walking the dogs...it's also their basic training. Careful research and consideration into your dog walker can help ensure that they are properly trained to take care of all aspects of pup life.

Your fur baby will be less inclined to get bored and destructive while you are out or at work, when they have a walk, your best friend gets the physical exercise as well as mental stimulation that is needed for them to stay calm, happy and healthy when you arrive back home.

Hiring a professional dog walker is not an alternative to caring for and walking your dogs, however, it can be a great option if you are unable or unwilling to do so. A number of professionals offer discounts when the client has multiple pets, making this service affordable. With an experienced dog walker, you can get peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the best quality of life, even when you are not around.

I hope this blog post has given you some helpful information about professional dog walking and how it can benefit both your pup and you! If there's anything else I've missed, feel free to email me at deandj@charliesmates.com.au

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