Dog minding

There is no need to leave your fur babies lonely at home while you are away. Our professional sitters will come to them, or you can drop them off at one of our sitter's homes in the morning and pick up your overjoyed doggo in the evening. We have made it easier for your pup to enjoy the best care while you are away, busy, or unable to provide the care they need every day.

Whether you choose your pups to spend some quality time at one of our sitters' home or the sitter to come to your home, we have you covered. 
  • Your fur baby socialises, learns, and has a fun-filled day
  • You are provided with updates and photos throughout the day to keep track of how your fur friend is performing. 
  • Your doggo maintains their routine until you are back
  • Your pup is well fed, takes any required medication at the relevant times, and is walked when appropriate
  • Your fur babies enjoy additional perks for staying longer (beyond the average minding hours), i.e. they are treated just like the sitters own dog and will go with them on their daily adventures

Our dedicated doggo minding services include:

  • Home sitting 
  • House visits
  • Doggy day-care

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