About Us

Charlie's Mates was established in April 2021 in honour of my late Beagle Charlie. 

At Charlie's Mates, we believe every pup deserves the highest level of care all the time. Similar to a child's day-care, our services are tailored in such a way as to offer the utmost quality care for your fur baby. 

We separate each dog by temperament, size and provide a supervised environment that lets them exercise, socialise, and have fun-filled days. You can rest assured your pup will come home happy and healthy. Our highly skilled team ensures your doggo gets the best quality of care, be it going on one of our walks, day-care services, staying overnight or joins one of our training programs.

But, what sets us apart is the love and affection that we shower on every pup, every day. The care we provide is much more than ensuring your pup gets a round of exercise, we take it as our responsibility to give your dog the same love and affection you do. 

Each dog at Charlie's Mates is more than a "client", they are family.

Meet the pack leaders  

All our professional dog walkers provide priceless, personalised services to suit your pup's needs. We are pup lovers who genuinely care about the dogs we work with and continually work to advance our skills by taking additional courses and certifications. We love playing with our fur friends and give them the attention, exercise and affection they need and deserve! 

So, if you've got places to be, friends to see and things to do, one of our professional walkers will ensure you have enough time to accomplish all that. Trust us with your fur baby any time you are busy or away from and never have to worry about your pup getting the best attention. 

Services for every dog

Dog walking

Just like you, your fur baby needs daily exercise. Walking is an integral part of their daily exercise, and they are happier when walked frequently.

We know you may not have the luxury of time to walk your fur baby each day to keep them happy and healthy. We ensure your pup gets some quality time out of the house and yard every day. One of our dog walkers will give your pup the attention they need with regular walks and exercise during the day while you are away.

We conveniently ensure your fur baby gets the best walks as per the routines crafted by our walkers. Plus, we understand that your fur baby may have different needs for their walks, so we give you the freedom to choose between group walks and private walks for your pup. And if you need help to pick the perfect walks for your doggos, one of our professional walkers will make sure you have made the right decision.

Dog minding 

There is no need to leave your fur babies lonely at home while you are away. Our certified sitters will come to them, or you can drop them off at one of our sitter's homes in the morning and pick up overjoyed doggos in the evening. We have made it easier for your pup to enjoy the best care while you are away, busy, or unable to provide the care they need every day.

Whether you choose your pups to spend some quality time at one of our sitters' home or the sitter to come to your home, our certified sitters ensure:

  • Your fur baby socialises, learns, and have fun-filled days
  • You are provided with updates and photos throughout the day if you wish to keep track of how your fur friend is performing.
  • Your doggo maintains the regular routine until you are back
  • Your pup is well fed, takes medication at the right time, and is walked when appropriate
  • Your fur babies enjoy additional perks for staying longer (beyond the average minding hours)

Our dedicated doggo minding services include:

  • Home sitting 
  • House visits
  • Doggy day-care 

Let our professional sitters come to your home or drop your fur friends at their homes when leaving for work or busy and never have to worry about your pups receiving the care they need.


Your satisfaction matters a lot to us, and we are constantly working to ensure you have the best shopping experience no matter what you need. All our products are tailored to your needs and meet all the highest quality standards as we get them from suitable sources. Everything we do at Charlie's Mates revolves around ensuring that you only purchase the right products, and we go to any length to make that possible.

Our perfect combination of products is something you will love. From pet beds and pet toys to pet grooming and feeding products, we have all you need to navigate the world of pet parenthood. We have rounded our products into six categories to make pet parenthood way easier: 

  • Feeding
  • Pet beds
  • Pet toys
  • Pet grooming
  • Pet accessories 
  • Pet collars and leads

Browse our e-shop to check the availability of an item, and if you need assistance with any of our products, kindly get in touch as we will be delighted to assist you in finding the right product. 

If you have any questions about our services, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

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